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Monaco F1 Tickets - book today!

Monaco (28 May 2017)

Grand Prix Tickets Monaco 2017

Attend the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 with your friends. As a huge Formula 1 fan this is the kind of event you should have visited at least once. A thrilling event for every F1 fan. Check out our wide range of Grand Prix tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix 2017.

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History of Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a circuit that immediately springs to mind when you think of Formula 1. Since 1929, the streets of Monte-Carlo have played host to one of the world’s greatest races, where man and machine are tested to the absolute limit. Overtaking is very complicated year on year, but clipping a trackside barrier is easier than ever.

Accommodation and transport

Staying in Monaco itself is perhaps a little pricey, but the connections to Nice are excellent. A direct train takes half an hour from the centre of Nice to Monaco and is by far the least stressful way of traveling during a Grand Prix weekend, because traffic in the principality is prevalent. Of course, if you want to add some further glamour to your weekend, taking a helicopter is always an option.

Popular Formula 1 tickets for Monaco

The harbour area unquestionably provides the best view in Monaco, where the luxurious yachts dominate the setting. Grandstand K offers a beautiful vantage point, looking at the run-up to Tabac and the high-speed chicane. This section is one of the best places on the entire calendar to watch a Formula 1 car on the limit, with just millimeters separating success and failure.