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Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper

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Total amount: €275.00

Want to stay on the village with your tent, caravan or trailer? Book a pitch and ensure a place on the Motorsport Fan Village Austria 2019!

Is your accommodation bigger then 23 feet? Book a Pitch XL so we can reserve enough space for your accommodation.

If your accommodation turns out to be longer than you booked we will deny you access to the Village because we simply do not have the spare space available.
  • Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper
  • Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper
  • Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper
  • Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper
  • Camping Pitch for a tent, caravan or camper

Motorsport Fan Village: The Green

You want to stay at the Motorsport Fan village in your own tent, caravan or trailer? Reserve a pitch on the camping in 'The Green' You can decorate as you want and for less than 50 pounds per person a night you are staying in the Motorsport Fan Village.

Notice: Prices are for a pitch and not per person!

Check the FAQ here

Frequent asked questions Fan Vilage


At arrival you will be directed to a spot on the green based on the type of pitch you have booked. Next to your accommodation you are allowed to place a tent of max 6,5x6,5 feet on your spot. After you have set up your accommodation you must place your car on the designated parking spot. Every pitch includes a designated parking spot for one vehicle. If you need more space please book an additional parking spot during the booking process.

Camping Pitch or Camping Pitch XL?

A pitch is suitable for tents, campers and trailers.If your accommodation is longer than 23 feet than yo need to book a Camping Pitch XL. Be sure to select this pitch during the booking process so you ensure yourself a spot. A camping pitch XL costs an additional 50 pounds. Is your accommodation longer than 32 feet please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Select The Green? You receive the following:

✔ Stay on the Motorsport Fan village
✔ Breakfast, lunch and diner service
✔ Modern sanitary
✔ activity and entertainment program with bar
✔ just 15 minute walk to the track
✔ Optional: electricity

De Fan Village is for every fan: families with or without kids, couples, individuals and groups. Everyone if welcome! We have Fan village rulebook that sets the rules. Entertainment music and catering is available but till midnight. We respect each other on the village!

Access to the Red Bull Ring

A stay at the Motorsport Fan village does not give you access to the circuit. To visit the race you need an additional ticket

Book separate tickets for the race


Venue Motorsport Fan Village
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